29 January 2016

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Hollywood owes America jack shit. If, and this is a big if, the entertainment industry has a responsibility to be “fair,” it owes fairness only to those poor bastards who are trying to become a part of it. This was a basic argument of Friends of Abe, the failed experiment in conservative Hollywood advocacy. FOA never demanded that Hollywood hire conservatives in exact proportion to the number of self-identified conservatives in American society. FOA only sought to ensure that people in the industry who are conservative don’t lose jobs on account of their beliefs. [Emphasis added.]
The reason why Hollywood is filled with progressives is because they discriminate against non-progressives and progressives-lite.  In essence, they have established cultural homogeneity by excluding people who would undermine said homogeneity.  The lesson to be learned from this is that preserving one’s culture is really as simple as excluding those who would undermine it.

Simply put, beliefs and behaviors matter.  If you don’t want your family destroyed by your enemies, don’t allow them into your home.  If you don’t want your business destroyed by SJWs, don’t employ them.  If you don’t want your church destroyed by Satanists, don’t fellowship them.  It really is that simple.

In keeping with this, stop being nice.  Stop trying to be nice.  You will not change people by chasing after them and reaching out to them.  Instead, they will drag you down.  Keep no company with them.
Instead, keep your distance and make it clear that they are not welcome to be around you and yours unless their behavior meets your approval.  Do not seek the approval of your enemies, make them seek yours.  If they will not seek your approval, ignore them.  Do not waste your time trying to make them better by being a good example; it simply will not work.  Instead, demand they behave a certain way or else remove themselves from your presence.

If this is too much for you to handle, be prepared to be dragged down.  Evil companions corrupt good morals.


  1. Seeking people to fill the churches is what has brought down American Christianity. There is an old Presbyterian church near me that has signs outside trying to encourage people to fill their empty pews. "We Saved a Seat For You," and the most annoying one of all "Sinners Welcome."
    The problem is, you let these people in, without repentance, and continue to placate them by not preaching Christian morality, then you end up with a shrivelled and meaningless form of Christianity. And eventually an aging congregation and empty pews.

    I see the same thing happening with once vibrant Evangelical churches. It's mealy mouthed hand wringing everywhere you go.

    The problem isn't that there's too few people who go to church. It's that there's too many.

  2. There certainly is change in the air...