09 July 2014

Behind the Tanks

Via Cracked:
Despite a continuing lack of rich vigilante superheroes, crime in America has been dropping for decades. Among other things, this means that police officers now have it easier: It's safer to be a cop today than it has been in over 50 years. In fact, the number of police officers killed by guns in 2012 was the lowest since 1887, and I'm pretty sure guns back then were steam powered and required 10 minutes of hand cranking. 
And yet, as we've written about before, police departments all over America are going mad with power. SWAT teams are everywhere, doing stuff like storming art galleries for serving alcohol without the right permit and raiding Tibetan monks who overstayed their visas. In general, American cops are projecting less "friendly face of public order" and more "bad guys who just stumbled out of a young-adult dystopian movie." 
Why has this happened? Why are so many of America's police, who I'd like to assume are mostly normal, decent human beings, acting like they're policing a futuristic war zone instead of crime-lite America?
To the answer the question, the reason why cops are turning into stormtroopers is pretty simple:  America has imported a lot of uncivilized people who are neither capable of building a civilization nor maintaining it.  While violent crime rates are very low right now, one reason for this is that non-white non-American immigrants still tend to be afraid of the authorities, particularly locals, who are not as subservient to the federal policy of invade the world, invite the world.  Also, a lot of the crime committed by illegal immigrants is covered up or unreported, and thus stays off the books, and is therefore not counted by the statisticians.

Peace and social harmony are generally only possible in prosperous, powerful, homgenous cultures.  Undermining these elements causes instability and requires greater shows of power to restabilize the culture.  Thus, allowing dishonest, criminally-inclined invaders asylum in a country (e.g. giving amnesty to those who violate immigration laws) tends to undermine the homogeneity of a law-abiding culture.  Curtailing the subsequent possibility of an increase in lawless behavior requires an increase in displays of power.

Alternatively, allowing a large number of poor people to enter a country (say, because they come from such an uncivilized culture they are constantly engaged in civil wars and ethnic cleansing, as might be the case in Burma or Somalia) usually makes a country poorer (at least on a per capita basis, obviously).  Compensating for the increased levels of poverty as a result of this influx of fiscally in culturally impoverished people usually requires amping up power structures to attain an increasing amount of compensatory wealth.

Or, to state it another way, the only way to have diversity and stability is through fascism.