28 February 2013

They Don’t Want Help

I think I got into social work because I had this idea of it somehow “killing” my ego. It seems silly, but it felt very real at the time. There's a sadness to watching your idealism and convictions go to shit. Not to mention that working in such a thankless and fucked system will kill a sacred part of you. I feel tired. For the most part, people do not want help. They want money or they want drugs or they want death. [Emphasis added.]

The corollary to this would be that most people aren’t interested in the truth.  A lot of people don’t want help; a lot of people don’t want the truth.

A good rule of thumb to extrapolate from this would be to not help anyone unless they specifically ask you to, and to not tell anyone what you believe unless they ask you to.  This sounds heartless, but it is really the best policy because your help and honesty will simply be rebuffed and ignored by those who do not want it, and no amount of wishing, on your end, will change the fact that someone just doesn’t want your help.  Or your opinion.